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Pyramid Solitaire is a fun solitaire game, with a very distinctive opening tableua in the shape of a pyramid. There is certainly a large component of luck included, but there are specific strategies that can be utilized to dramatically boost your likelihood of winning.

The purpose of pyramid solitaire is to eliminate all the cards from the tableua and the talon. Cards are eliminated in pairs, when their combined total can be 13. The exception to the is with Kings, which are taken out by themselves.

Cards can only be removed if they are completely exposed (ie: When the complete card is seen, without cards above them)

The combinations of cards you can remove are:

-Ace and Queen

-2 and Jack

-3 and 10

-4 and 9

-5 and 8

-6 and 7


Whilst the rules for pyramid solitaire are very easy to understand, the overall game itself offers come interesting complexities. You have to program out which cards to remove to increase potential options afterwards in the game. Sometimes you need to leave a card for later in the overall game, or you will generate an impasse. And occasionally you have to cautiously remember the purchase of the cards in the talon, or you will have cards left by the end.

In the beginning of the game, scan the first four rows, looking for any situations that will make the overall game impossible to complete. This happens when all the cards that can be coupled with a card happen in the triangle below it.

This occurs just because a card can't be selected until all of the cards in the triangle below it are removed first.

For instance, suppose section of the offer was like this (Extracted from Classic Solitaire deal 20064)

. . . 2 . . .

. . J . 8 . .

. Q . J . 8 .

6 . J . 4 . J

All of the Jacks occur in the triangle below the very best 2. Therefore to expose the very best 2, all the Jacks should be removed first… But that’s impossible, since the Jacks can only just be removed in combination with the 2’s. We are able to remove three of the Jacks, but we cant ever remove the top Jack, since the 2 it requires is above it.

So if the four combination cards appear in a cards underneath triangle, then your game cannot be finished, and you may aswell redeal.

Only if three of the mixture cards come in the underneath triangle, you then have discovered a potential impasse down the road. Wherever that fourth combination card is, it Should be combined with top card. So, if the 4th combination card is normally in the talon, you must remember this, and become careful never to use it on any card other than the top one.

Another impasse to check on for in the beginning, is certainly to see if all the combination cards come in the triangle over a card.

For example, suppose the offer was like this (Taken from Classic Solitaire offer 3841)

. . . . . . 7 . . . . . .

. . . . . 8 . J . . . . . .

. . . . 4 . 2 . 4 . . . . .

. . . A . 6 . 8 . 2 . . .

. . 8 . 5 . 9 . Q . 2 . .

. 7 . 8 . 9 . 7 . K . 4 .

K . A . 5 . 3 . Q . 6 . 10

All of the 8’s happen in the triangle above underneath 5, so the game can't chrono trigger snes rom be finished.

This last case doesn’t occur frequently though, so that it isn’t worth spending too much time checking for it. Only a cursory glance at the middle 3 cards on the bottom row is generally enough.

So to conclude, before we've even started performing, we determine if the game is winnable (Make certain there are simply no cases where in fact the four combination cards occur in the triangle below or above a card). We also look for times when three of the combination cards appear below… as these will require special attention, to make sure we don’t waste materials the fourth card and create an impasse.

Just what exactly about general play?

Well, to start with, constantly remove Kings once you can. There is absolutely no reason never to take away the Kings, because they aren’t used in combination with any other cards, and that means you gain nothing by waiting.

One more thing to consider is that almost always there is no need to rush. You can cycle through the talon 3 x, so often it will be better to wait and find what cards are remaining, rather than jump in and remove a combination once you can.

Finally, try and remove cards evenly between the talon and the tableua. Ideally, you would like to surface finish eliminating cards from the tableua at the same time as the talon is utilized up.

You still wont be able to win every game of pyramid solitaire with the above strategy, but you should find your possibility of winning has greatly increased.

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